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Welcome to Prestige Decorating London, the leading provider of high-quality faux painting services in the city. Our team of experts offer a range of techniques to create realistic textures and finishes, transforming any space into a work of art.

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Different Types of Faux Painting

Faux painting is an art that imitates the natural look of materials like wood, stonnee or marble. At Prestige Decorating London, we offer a range of techniques to transform your space into a stunning masterpiece. Our skilled team uses specialised tools and techniques to create finishes that mimic the appearance of natural materials such as marbleizing and wood graining. With our marbleizing service, you can achieve the opulent look of marble without breaking the bank.

At Prestige Decorating London, we offer exceptional faux painting services that transform any space into a work of art. Our team of experts provides an extensive range of techniques, including colour washing, ragging and sponging to create realistic textures and finishes that imitate the natural look of materials such as wood, marble and stonnee.

We take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to quality which ensures even the most ordinary surfaces can be given character and depth. Our expert painters use paint and glaze to produce a sophisticated finish on your walls. We also provide specialised wood graining technique services where we replicate the natural look of real wood grain using high-quality paints and tools for any surface in your home or office space.

Enhance the aaesthetic appeal of your home with our exceptional residential faux painting services. Our team of experts offers a variety of techniques and finishes to achieve your desired look for any room in your house. Utilising top-notch materials, we produce unique and impressive finishes that cater to both classic and modern preferences. Trust in our proficiency and experience to deliver results that exceed expectations from start to finish. Our skilled painters utilise advanced techniques to elevate your walls to new heights with rustic brickwork effects or modern metallic finishes. Whether you want elegance in your living room or a unique feature wall in your bedroom, we have the expertise needed to bring your vision into reality.

Prestige Decorating London offers commercial faux painting services that can transform any business space with high-quality materials and techniques. Our team of experts can create realistic textures such as wood, marble or stonnee, providing a cost-effective way to enhance your interior design. We work closely with you to craft a distinctive finish that aligns perfectly with your brand identity, from timeless elegance to contemporary edge. Our specialisation in faux painting techniques ensures we cater to your unique style and preferences, creating finishes ranging from marble to woodgrain effects. Partner with us, and we will work closely with you every step of the way, ensuring everything is done right and on time. Transform your home into a masterpiece with our commitment to excellence at an affordable price point. Contact us today for all your residential faux painting needs, as we bring your vision to life through skilled craftsmanship.

Quality of Materials and Products Used

At Prestige Decorating Kensington , we realize that bedrock of splendid project of painting is the standard of materials employed . The selection of premium paints provides not only extraordinary durability but also a eco-friendly approach that complies with modern sustainability standards. Also, the aesthetic finish we accomplish is unrivaled, assuring perfect results every time. We are proud to partner with prestigious brands such as Farrow & Ball, Sanderson, Dulux, Little Greene, and Paint and Paper Library in our pursuit of the highest standards in decorating .

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What is Faux Painting?


Faux painting is a decorative technique that imitates the appearance of luxurious materials such as wood, marble or stonnee. This method involves using paint and various tools to create texture, depth and visual interest on walls, furniture or other surfaces.

Our skilled painters at Prestige Decorating London use this unique approach to add character and sophistication to any space without the expense of using real materials. With our faux painting services, we can transform your home or office into an elegant masterpiece by creating rustic wood grain finishes or exquisite marble effects. We use only premium paints and tools coupled with extensive industry experience to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Our collabourative approach ensures that we work closely with you every step of the way to achieve your desired outcome. Contact us today to learn more about how we can bring your vision to life with our expertise and attention to detail in faux painting techniques.

The Art of Faux Painting

Faux painting is a highly skilled art form that involves using paint to create the illusion of texture or depth on a surface. It has become increasingly popular in interior design and home decor due to its ability to transform ordinary surfaces into works of art. At Prestige Decorating London, we take pride in our attention to detail and precision when it comes to faux painting. Our proficient painters employ advanced techniques to produce a diverse range of textures and finishes that imitate natural elements like marble, wood, and stonnee with unparalleled accuracy.

Our team collabourates closely with each client throughout the project, providing personalised interior design solutions tailored specifically to their unique needs. We can assist you in achieving an exquisite appearance for your home or office by creating realistic textures that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

How to Select the Right Faux Painting Technique For You?

Transforming your space with a faux painting technique can be overwhelming, but our team of experts at Prestige Decorating is here to guide you through the process. Choose a technique that matches your personal style and the aaesthetic of your space, whether it’s bold or subtle. Our skilled painters can create any look from marble to wood grain, so don’t hesitate to get creative with your choices.

When selecting a contracting service, consider the purpose of the room. Whether you’re looking for an accent wall in your living room or a statement piece in your office, we offer tailored services to meet specific needs. Trust us to bring precision and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Experience the transformation of high-quality faux painting techniques by Prestige Decorating that reflect unique style and personality while bringing new life into homes or offices. Contact us today for creating stunning atmosphere you’ll love!

Faux Painting Techniques for Different Surfaces

Faux painting techniques are a wonderful way to add character and depth to any surface, be it walls, furniture or floors. At Prestige Decorating London, we specialise in using these techniques to create unique finishes that mimic natural materials such as marble, wood or stonnee.

For smooth surfaces like wood panelling or cabinetry, our recommended technique is wood graining which adds warmth and depth with its realistic-looking grain pattern created by layering multiple shades of paint onto the surface and dragging tools through them in various directions.

Coupling Faux Painting with Wallpapers

Elevate the aaesthetic appeal of your walls with a unique combination of faux painting techniques and wallpapers. At Prestige Decorating London, we offer an unparalleled service that merges these two elements to produce a stunning and eye-catching effect.

Our team of skilled painters and decorators specialises in creating bespoke faux finishes such as marble and wood grain that can transform any room into a work of art. We believe in offering our clients the best of both worlds by combining our expert faux painting skills with wallpaper hanging services to create personalised spaces that reflect their individual style.

The Benefits of Faux Painting

Faux painting is a transformative technique that can elevate any space into a work of art, imbuing walls, ceilings and furniture with depth and texture. This affordable method offers the chance to achieve an upscale look without breaking the bank. The versatility of faux painting allows for customization, enabling you to create unique designs that reflect your personal style.Our skilled painters are adept at creating textures and finishes that mimic luxurious materials such as marble, wood or stonnee.

How Faux Painting Enhances Home aaaesthetics

Faux painting is an exquisite technique that can add depth and dimension to your walls, transforming any room in your home into a stunning work of art. Our skilled painters use high-quality materials to create finishes that imitate the luxurious look of marble, wood, and stonnee. With our faux painting services, you can elevate the aaaesthetics of your living space without overspending. Whether you want to create captivating focal points or add texture to feature walls, our team has the creativity and skills needed to bring your vision to life with precision and flair.

The Advantages of Professional Faux Painting

Hiring a professional for faux painting can offer numerous advantages. Professionals have the knowledge and experience needed to create high-quality finishes that look realistic and beautiful, saving you valuable time and energy.

While it may seem counterintuitive, hiring a professional can actually save you money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes or having to redo work. A skilled professional will work with you to create a customised finish that meets your specific design goals and preferences using only high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity of the finished product.

Case Studies

Our Faux Painting Process

Our faux painting process is an artful and meticulous technique that employs special tools to create the illusion of texture, depth, and dimension on any surface. Our skilled professionals use only the finest quality materials and techniques to ensure a flawless finish every time. We pay close attention to detail from start to finish, working with precision to achieve your desired effect. At Prestige Decorating London, we understand the importance of making a statement through decor. That’s why we offer an array of exclusive faux painting techniques that replicate natural materials such as wood or marble on your walls. Our team of highly trained painters works closely with you throughout the entyre process, ensuring every detail is perfect.

The Cost of Faux Painting

Faux painting is an exquisite and cost-effective alternative to expensive wallpaper or custom finishes. The overall cost of the project depends on various factors such as the size of the area, intricacy of design, and materials used. However, it’s generally less expensive than traditional painting techniques that require multiple coats and extensive preparation. At Prestige Decorating London, we prioritise transparency in pricing for our top-notch services in this area. Our skilled painters utilise premium materials to guarantee longevity and durability while ensuring affordability without sacrificing quality or style. Determining the exact cost of faux painting requires considering several aspects such as room or surface area, design intricacy, and materials used.

How to Prep a Room for Faux Painting

Achieving a flawless faux painting finish requires careful attention to detail during room preparation. At Prestige Decorating London, we understand the importance of thorough prep work in creating texture, depth and character that exceeds expectations. To prepare your room for faux painting, remove all furniture or cover them with drop cloths. Clean walls using warm soapy water and inspect closely for cracks or holes before filling them with spackle or putty knife and sanding down until smooth. Apply painter’s tape around areas such as windowsills, baseboards, door frames, light switches, electrical outlets, ceiling edges, crown moulding, chair rails and wainscoting after filling any gaps on wall surfaces to prevent unwanted paint splatters and create sharp lines. Finally apply a coat of primer to create an even base for your faux finish.

Tips for Maintaining Faux Painting

Maintaining the beauty of faux painted surfaces can be challenging, but with the right techniques, it can become easier. Regular cleaning is essential to keep dust and dirt from accumulating on these surfaces. Use gentle cleaners specifically designed for these types of finishes instead of harsh chemicals like bleach or ammonia that may damage them. Touch up any damaged areas using matching paint colours to maintain their pristine condition. Protect your faux painted surface from direct sunlight by instaling blinds or curtains to block out UV rays during peak hours as they cause fading and discolouration over time. To ensure long-lasting results, apply a protective coat every few years to prevent daily wear and tear damage. At Prestige Decorating London, we have extensive experience in maintaining faux painting and are happy to share our top tips with you.

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Transform your living or working space into a masterpiece with our professional faux painting services at Prestige Decorating London. Our team of skilled painters has years of experience in creating stunning and realistic finishes that add elegance and sophistication to any room. We pride ourselves on bringing your vision to life, whether it’s the classic look of marble, rustic charm of brick, or unique designs you desire.

With meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship, we guarantee exceptional results every time.




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