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At Prestige Decorating London, we pride ourselves on transforming living spaces into luxurious abodes that resonate with the vibe of the city while offering a serene escape to our clients. Our recent project at a high-rise studio in the bustling heart of London is a testament to our commitment to excellence and bespoke design.

About The Job

The task was to revamp a studio apartment located at Hyde Park, London, a space that already boasted an incredible city view. The client wanted a blend of mid-century modern design with a hint of traditional Japanese kintsugi, emphasizing light, white, and gold hues. Furthermore, we were to infuse the living spaces with a combination of natural and man-made elements, creating an ultra-high-definition aesthetic with metallic finishes and wood veneer mosaics.

What We Did

Studio Apartment Renovation: We incorporated kintsugi-inspired gold streaks in furniture pieces and art, bringing uniqueness and a sense of luxury. Mid-century modern elements were brought in through streamlined furniture and geometric patterns.

Living Room Makeover: Utilizing metallic finishes and a Zeiss Milvus lens aesthetic, we ensured that every corner shone with a high-definition sheen. Wood veneer mosaics adorned the walls, complementing the light, white, and gold palette.

Hallway Transformation: The hallways were redesigned to lead seamlessly into the living spaces, with glazed surfaces and a sophisticated color palette of light maroon and light bronze. We chose grandiose cityscape views to create airy and light transitions between rooms.

Living Room Details: Anti-clutter and minimalist designs dominated the living room, with strategically placed vases and books adding functional elegance. The soothing color palette of gray, gold, and bronze created a tranquil atmosphere.


The end result was a breathtakingly serene yet vibrant space that echoed the modernity of London life. The studio apartment now stands as a seamless blend of old-world charm and contemporary elegance, with each element meticulously crafted to enhance the living experience. The living room, with its grand city views and polished aesthetic, offers a place of respite and inspiration. Hallways turned into passages of art, leading one into spaces filled with hidden details and sophisticated design choices.

"Transformed our studio with impeccable taste, blending mid-century charm with modern luxury. Truly outstanding service and design expertise!"
Sarah Thompson


At Prestige Decorating London, we left no stone unturned to ensure that the client’s vision was realized beyond expectations, delivering not just a home, but a masterpiece of interior design.


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