Pink and White Serenity

Greater London
Prestige Decorating London has recently undertaken a stunning project in the heart of London. Our goal was to transform a two-bedroom apartment into a haven of minimalist elegance and contemporary design, reflective of the chic and sophisticated atmosphere of the city's riverside locale.

About The Job

The apartment presented a unique canvas—two bedrooms with a need for a refreshing touch of modernity while maintaining a cozy ambiance. Our brief was to incorporate muted colours with a palette centered around pink, light orange, bronze, and touches of metallic finishes. The client desired a seamless blend of post-war French design with the minimalism and functionality of contemporary aesthetics.


What We Did

Our approach was to treat each room as a standalone piece of art, yet ensuring a harmonious flow throughout the apartment. In the living areas, we introduced red furniture accented with silver and white to exude a warm yet sophisticated feel. The bedrooms were adorned with pink walls and contrasting brown furniture, complemented by eclectic design elements that added character. We used hard edge painting techniques for the ceilings and walls, integrating metallic finishes to bring a luxurious feel. Lighting was key—we installed a mix of ceiling and wall lights that served both aesthetic and functional purposes, creating an inviting atmosphere.


The transformation was remarkable. The living rooms now boast a polished look with highly reflective surfaces and strategic use of transparent materials, giving the illusion of a larger space. The bedrooms exude a tranquil yet chic vibe, with each piece of furniture and decor carefully chosen to reflect the clients’ taste and the apartment’s overall theme. The lighting fixtures not only illuminate but also enhance the rooms’ modern aesthetic, with their metallic finishes and minimalistic design.

"We were ecstatic with the transformation. Prestige Decorating truly understood their vision of a minimalist yet warm living space."
Esther Elwick


The balance between aesthetics and practicality was particularly appreciated, proving that a home could be both beautiful and livable.


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