London Two Bedroom Apartment

Greater London
Prestige Decorating London is renowned for transforming living spaces into bespoke environments tailored to our clients’ visions. Our recent project involved a meticulous two-bedroom apartment renovation in the heart of London, designed to infuse modernity and functionality into each room.

About The Job

The task was to revitalize a two-bedroom apartment, including the creation of dual-purpose spaces that serve as both comfortable living areas and efficient home offices. The client desired a blend of contemporary art and precision engineering with an emphasis on minimalist and monochromatic designs.


What We Did

We undertook a comprehensive redesign, focusing on:

Office Spaces: Integrated Henry Asencio’s stylistic elements with light bronze and black tones for a striking visual balance. Employed wide-angle lenses akin to the Bloomsbury group to ensure meticulous design and framing.

Bedrooms: Centered the design around a zebra print, utilizing monochrome painting techniques and soft lighting for a sophisticated aesthetic.

Lighting and Color: Maintained a tranquil serenity throughout the apartment, opting for natural light where possible and a color palette of light black, bronze, and gray to complement the minimalist staging.


The transformation was profound:

Office Area: The office space now boasts a modern, serviced office vibe, complete with a computer desk and chair that underscore the urban contemporary theme.

Bedrooms: Three bedrooms now feature the signature zebra print, each offering a unique take on monochrome design, from crisp and clean to packed with hidden details.

Overall Aesthetic: The entire apartment resonates with serene simplicity, meticulous design, and an assemblage of art that reflects both the modern London scene and the client’s personal style

"We were ecstatic with the results, the blend of functional design with an artistically charged atmosphere is nothing short of superb. We were particularly impressed with the office spaces, which now serve as a peaceful retreat for productivity."
Emily Cliffe


Prestige Decorating London prides itself on delivering beyond expectations, and this project was a testament to our dedication to excellence and design innovation.


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